Friday, April 12, 2013

Organzing your Library office - Part 3

                      Organizing your office to be more efficient can likely mean polishing up your filing system.     Providing  you have an in basket , you can begin . 
                            As you go through your basket ,determine what file it should go into. Give your files  names that will be  easy to recall  .   I made a listing of my file folders  and what is in each file  drawer so that I do not have doubles  in my cabinets (  see The Organized Librarian book).   Another  good idea would be to make a file index to go in the front of each file cabinet or drawer. This will help  you locate files you need quickly .
                     You may also want to figure out how long you will keep files. If they are dated , then you can easily  look at the items and determine if new material has been inserted and if the old can be thrown. If you do this on a regular bases then  your files will be current ( and not overloaded with outdated materials)
                      Take time each day or week depending on your schedule to go through your in basket.   I have three files into which I mark  :  To Do, To File, Catalogs.
                     I only keep catalogs that I know will be useful or that I will order from. These are kept in a separate file drawer marked by letters. When I file a new one , I throw the old one out unless I have marked some items/ titles for purchase.

                     I also have historical files that I keep for referencnce. These would be budgets from years past, book requests from staff,  old policy's, handbooks,  old curriculum, and other items that I do not use , but like to keep to refer  to if needed.

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