Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Technology Tools- Wired Wednesday

   Drop Box is not specifically made for teachers, but it is a great tool that they can use both for themselves and with students  if they use a lot of technology.   With drop box you can share documents, homework, videos, and links , , or you can have them available where-ever you are.

In other words , if you start something at school or work, and want to do something at home, you do not need to email it to yourself. Just put it in your drop box and pick up at home ( or where ever you have a computer ) to work on it again.

I have known teachers that have students put their work in the teachers drop box and then the teacher can look at when time arises.

You install  drop box on your computer , and then will have a drop box folder. Any time you want to save something to work on later, save it to your drop box and then you can work on it on your other computers, phones, or the drop box website.

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