Friday, May 31, 2013

Library Blogs- new page on the Organized Librarian

       I have a new page on this site . I took off the technology page and now have a Libray Blog page.  On here I will be adding library blogs that I have read and ones I recommend. Most of them will be active with new posts on a weekly basis. There are a few that are   do not have current items but the posts on there will be ones that librarians will get some great ideas and lessons from so I have inlcuded them.
     What are your favorte library blogs?  There are so many out there with so many librarians really sharing their lessons , curriculum, and  what they are doing in their libraries.  I find them so interesting to read all about their activiies and see the photos of their libraries.

     So check back each week as I add  the latest blogs I have been reading.  And let me know if you have found a great one that is worth sharing!!

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