Friday, June 7, 2013

Community/ Family Activites

   As both school and public librarians, we can participate in our schools and community's in many ways.  Depending on your community, you may have  and can be a part of ( that is if you are not actually running the event)- book fairs, family reading night, school fairs and carnivals, and PTO/PTA programs. 
   Offer to help on these programs or  other activities  that you have an interest in.  Teachers, Staff, parents, and the community will see that you are a part of their team and want to help in other ways to promote reading and learning.
    We need to become more involved in the school and community activities so that we are visiable and teachers and community can see that we are an important part of  eacgh child's education. 
     This is just one way to become more visible in your community. 

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