Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mysteries in October!

       Mystery books and stories are a good theme for the month of October.  In my new position of Branch Manger of a branch library in a small town, we have a WHOLE room filled with mysteries!!
I am amazed at our collection  of mysteries. This room is adult mysteries , but in a school you could pull the mysteries to display them or shelve them in section or on some shelves if you have the room.

     How can you promote mysteries?   In a school situation you could make a brief slide show to highlight some  your best- add a short description ( oral or written) . Show it on a ongoing monitor or attach it to your website or blog . 

    Have a contest- have patrons write reviews, make a pod cast review, draw an illustration from the book, make a book poster or vote for their favorite mystery.  I think most of these would work with both adults or students.

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