Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pubic Librarians & Digital Literacy

        I am in my new position as branch library manager. It is exciting and just a bit different from  the school, moslty being the patrons and the computer systems. We have three libraries in three towns that are close to each other. The three branches support the one merged school.
        A big part of this library system is the offering to the public internet acdcess and educational services toward Digital Literacy. We have classs given by computer specilaist in using the cojmputer, an employment series, and onlien data base classes, among others ( Cuponing is one I want to take!)
       Public librarians play a major role in bringing the adult patorn up to speed on the newest technology and helping them get used to the 'new' computers.
       There are still many patrons and families that do not have computers and interent access in their homes.  So our library is providing digital literacy to those who do not have the measn  to afford it.  So both the school and public library are great equalizers by providing these services.,
What types of programs does your public library have for bring adult patrons up to speed?

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