Friday, January 17, 2014

Good Reads- a great tool for librarians

   Have you seen GoodReads?   It is another 'Social Media '  site for book lovers and librarians.  This can be another useful tool to help librarians and patrons  find more good books to read.   Check it out if you haven't seen this one already!

  Those who are registered can check out what their friends are reading and also get an idea of what to read next. There are also ideas of 'read a likes " that are very helpful.

  Good Reads has a great selection  and you can search and browse by many different genres. There are also trivia  games, quizzes  on books and quotes from authors.

   As a librarian, I love the Good Read Choice awards. I use it when I am preparing book lists for buying what people/ patrons really  want to read.  It is a full website. You can see reviews  and ratings of books which are very helpful.  There is also opportunity to join discussion groups, start a book club, and post your own writing.

   Good Reads helps Patrons track their reading and find good books to read, There are also book give aways  and other prizes.

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