Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shelfari- another 'Social Media " site for book lover and librarians

   Shelfari is another social media site for book lovers.  This is another free site so explore and enjoy!  Registered users can create a virtual book shelf of books read, discover new books to read, and connect with friends and other readers.

  There are several featured lists each day which are created by readers. Also there is a list of  posted  books that are selected by Shelfari's staff.  The site encourages members to share their favorites on the site.  It is a gathering place for  readers, and authors. Many tools are provided  to incite members to connect with others.

   Just a note, Amazon acquired this site in 2008.  It is based in Seattle and was originated in October 2006.

   There are easy to use and very detailed instructions on using Shelfari.  Once you go through these , you can easily maneuver  through out the site and find many interesting things to read and do.  

Tabs to click on Shelfari are a good way to fin d out everything that is on there.  ( Featured, Most popular, Recent reviews, subjects) .  As a librarian , I like to browse reviews and comments about many genres and types of books.
  There is also a tab that features series you may not have heard of. Also there is a 'Best  of" list  and they feature new and popular authors.

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