Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Technology and Public Libraries

 I keep writing about the importance of the newest technology in public and school libraries.  It is because they are needed  and wanted by the students and patrons.

  Technology is a solid part of the 21st century library.  It helps the library with a lot of its daily tasks ( circulation, processing and statistics just to name a few)

But what is really apparent is that libraries and technology help patrons connect with resources and ideas( books, ebooks, virtual reference) Free and full access sets us apart from many countries who do not have public and school libraries like we do here in the US.

   Our patrons can find the information that they need or want, both in print and online resources.

  Think of the technology's we have that patrons use: printer, copies, computers and wifi.  Patrons can now access the information online any hour of the day or night.  Patrons can use databases , download ebooks and audio books, search the catalog ad even borrow magazine's,

  Libraries offer Internet access. In some communities , this may be the only place to get free access.

   Finally many libraries offer information and assistance n the nations quest for jobs, Many offer classes m career counseling and resume building.

   This  technology and resources keeps the library in the foremost place in each community .

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