Friday, January 23, 2015

When your Desk is a Disaster!

  Is your desk a disaster? If your desk is a mess then take steps to get it under  control.  Don't just look at your desk , throw up your hands, and cry- it won't do any good.

  Take a block of time- its best to devote in hour blocks of time, but if you can't start with 10-15 minutes.   Grab a trash can , a pen, some file folders,  labels, and any thing else that you might find helpful. 

Clear the space you want to organize, put everything from your desk in a large box . This way to can stop when you need to.

  Take each item and evaluate it. Does it need to be saved? Can you throw it away> Anything need to be saved, label a file folder and place the item in it.  If you already have a file for that category or subject, place the materials in a file marked :TO BE FILED.

  If you keep at this task, you will have many files ( or items to be filed) .  The next step will be to set up your file cabinet. ( see next weeks post or order The Organized Librarian- look at tab above). You will end up with a clean desk! If you do this activity each day  you will no longer have a messy desk!

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