Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My favorite book review sources part 3

 This is the last post about book review sources - I was trying to think of 10 all together but not sure  if I got to 10. Oh well.

  One of the most pleasurable ways to get reviews and recommendations is through some of my womens magazines that I get in the mail or at the store.   So here goes

  Good Housekeeping: is one of my favorites.  They almost always have an excerto of a new best selling book in the back of the magazine. This gives me a really good idea of what the book is about.  Then they also have  a list of similar reads with brief summaries.

 Woman's Day:  They have just started a new book club page. On this page they have recommendations from book clubs.  They include about 5 descriptive summaries of good books for groups can read .

All You is another my favorite magazines.  Every month they have a recommendations page which alwys have  at least one book, and also a good movie.

First for Women has a page:" The 6 paperbacks we are reading" Some are brand new , some are not but they have a good cross-section  of Types  and also good summaries and comments about  the books.

  Womens world  also has a nice page every month where they post a 'woman's world book club: giving a very brief summary of their new books and also a movie recommendations

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