Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Helping readers connect with books!

   What can we do to help our readers connect with books? What kind of services can we offer?

   At our branches, we have several options that we do every month.  Our first and best  option is the brochure of new arrivals that is published at the beginning of each month.  This gives titles and also indicates  at which  branch  the books are located.  Also in each  branch, we have a dedicated section of the new arrivals so that make it easy for patrons to find the newest books!

  We also have similar 'new book " shelves in our juvenile and Ya section.  Our catalog is another way for readers to find and connect with new interesting books

 They can also view and select ebooks from our website and borrow them to their reading device.

 But our most interesting and effective way that we can  help readers connect with books and authors is through staff interaction. By talking about books( what they like, what we like) we can do indirect reader advisory  with our patrons.  The staff can provide ideas and suggestions  for the patrons,

What else do you do to connect readers to patrons? How do you help them connect with new books and authors?

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