Tuesday, March 3, 2015


   Yournextread.com has  a mission of providing input for the books you want to read next.  This site is designed for people who love to read but do not have lots of time to search for their next book.    One of their  ideas  and missions is to help readers find new authors.  

   Yournextread will help you find books, recommend books , link to other readers and also link you to Amazon if you wish to buy your next read.

  On the home page  there are featured books which you can click on. If you log in and register, you can create a really cool reading map.( There are examples for you to browse through) . The first thing you can do is to type in a book you like and it will lead you to similar books  , it will give suggestions on all levels.  The site also lets you share what you are reading , and connects up to GOOD READs. 

  Check out Yournextread.com and see if you like what it has to offer!

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