Thursday, April 9, 2015

Book Selection Policy

  What other library policies do you have in place?  A book selection policy will follow your Collection Development policy if you have one already in place!

   In your book selection policy, how do you select books that will be purchased for your library? Do you read reviews before purchasing? How many do you read?    Does what you do for selection all make sense and is it a reasonable way to select books for your collection?Whatever you do, refine and write it down.

   In my policy , I have written that I will read  two reviews for non-fiction and three for fiction. I will check also  the ALA listing for children's / teens books and will check other award lists for recommended books. The policy also details what  the current curriculum is following , and will note that library selection of nonfiction also depends curriculum requirement I had this written down in detail in my book selection policy.

     With your mission statement, your collection development policy and your book selection policy, you are now on your way to your policy and procedures book . I will continue to add different topics / statements  so that you will have a complete book for your library . Keep me posted as to what  you have and what you are working on. 

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