Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Book groups for libraries and beyond

     Think outside the box for your next book group!  Yes the Adult book discussion  group is a standard fir many public libraries.    Our book group for our library  originally was in the library. Now our new adult programmer librarian is branching out to other venues.
     For the past several months the  group meets a the local brewery - she calls it Pints & Pages.  The group shares an appetizer , and discuss the monthly novel.  This is an evening session and it works out very well.

   In July , the group will meets at a local coffee / eatery on the back deck/  Having a book group in a public venue provides more exposure. Patrons frequenting those places will notice the groups and perhaps be inspired to check out the group or go to the library so see what else is going on there

  So now we want to think of some more venues for our future books groups.  Can any of you share your innovative places  for book groups?  Let's share some ideas!

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