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Free Library Lesson!- Dog Loves Books!

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 Library Lessons  with Louise  Yates
    Two of Louise Yates’ books , Dog Loves Books – Alfred A Knopf, 2010) and Dog Loves Drawing ( Alfred A Knopf , 2012)  are a great way to introduce students to the love of books and also introduce or review  several library concepts in the early grades.

Main concepts that are learned: What does the Author do?
Discussion Questions   which can be used during or after reading,  Dog Love’s Books.
1. Dog loved books so much he ________________________________________.
2. How did Dog get ready for the opening of his book store?
3. What did Dog do to keep busy while he was waiting for customers?
4.What did Dog do when he got tired of waiting for customers?
5. What happened while Dog was reading?
6. How did Dog know which books to recommend?
7.Dog loves books, but what was even better that just loving books?

Library Vocabulary: Students should know these terms  for this lesson.
Author : person who writes the words in a story.
Illustrator: person who draws the pictures in a story.

Library Lesson  :Beginning-Middle-End
Have a discussion with students about the parts of a story.  This can be an initial lesson or a review type lesson.  Have a talk  about what  students think happened in the beginning, in the middle, and at the end .

In each box below, draw or write what happened in each part of the book  This can also be made into a bigger layout in the landscape format which may make it easier.
Dog Loves Books. ( Louise Yates)




Writing / Creative Activity  Dog Loves Books

  1. Have student work on a small poster and  have them write and draw what they love.  Show them an example  of  what the poster of what they love will look like:

Cody Loves:

2. Book Recommendations: Poster or Paper Size.  
What book would you recommend to a friend or customer  ? Draw a poster or advertisement for a book that  you would recommend if you owned Dogs Book store.
Show students an example with the author, illustration, title , descriptions and picture of their favorite parts of the story.







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