Thursday, July 14, 2016

More Benefits of Blogging in Schools

  The more I read about blogging with students, the more I see  how many benefits there are.  I know that all students are different but it seems  totally worth it to explore  blogging  within you class and subject.

  Blogging expands the walls of the classroom. Blogging helps students connect with each other outside of t he class  by  allowing them to  share comments and questions . The possibility also exists of connecting with others that are not in the physical class.   Students can connect with other students who have the same grade and subject,  or experts/ authors  to discuss results, thoughts. experiments, ect.

    Blogging with students has the active/ reflective learning archived. The blog keeps a history of the work that is done in an organized  and shareable space which can show growth  and development in writing and  thinking skills.

  Thirdly, the blog is tool that supports different learning styles. Students who are shy or self conscious  in class may feel blogging is a safer way to share.  All students have a voice and ideas that they can share thru writing, video clips, art, ect. Students then feel a sense of ownership which can lead to greater participation.

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