Friday, August 26, 2016

Comic creator- on readwritethink

  Comic creator is  on the www.readwritethink site. This is a very easy generator which would work for early elementary students  and those beginning to create comic strips in the classroom. The student type in title of cartoon and subtitle and the authors names.

   Then the student chooses number of panels- this one goes up to 6  with lower options.( 1 to 6) After that creation is just a few clicks away.  the Student can add a caption under each panel,  and characters.  There are speaking balloons in which they can add dialogue.  Props and background can also be added. When the student is finished , they can also be edited or printed.  The only drawback is that the comic can not be saved. But this would still be a good site if you are trying to  begin creating comic strips in your classroom.

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