Tuesday, November 15, 2016

De-cluttering your physical office

  Okay , lets say you piles of files in your office. Are they all in your file cabinets or are they in  boxes on the floor or under the work table.( That's where mine were!)Decide to de- clutter  your  office - your brain and eyes will thank you!

  Grab a  bunch of files . Take 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Look at each file to determine: How important is the material? Will you need it this year or maybe next year? Is it an activity or program that you do on an every other year basis? Do you not want to do that activity/lesson ever again?

  If the answer is  that you'll use the information / papers this year , then keep the contents of the file. Make sure it is properly marked , place the file in alphabetic in the correct file cabinet.( See The Organized Librarian handbook for my other ideas on filing)

  If the file is not needed this year   but maybe next year then take one or two copies of what is in the file for ones that are lessons) and put the rest in recycling or use as scrap paper ( print out needed emails ,or cut up to use for notes)

  And if you have file that you do not need and will never use again, or are duplicates of what you have in your drawer then  put the materials in recycling!!  There -in 10 to 15 minutes you have organized more files and have gotten rid of items you do not need!

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