Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How do your patrons check out their books? If you are public then obviously the patrons bring in their cards. If you are in a school ,you might have a variety of options. High School might have cards- or you might just type in their last name. Or you might have them listed by class and on a Rolodex where you can just flip to the class and zap their last name. Some elementary's use the notebook method where by each class is listed with students bar code and you can just wand over that. My system is a card system. As each class come to the library, I take out their class library cards. When it is check out time, the cards come out and the student gets there card before approaching the circulation desk.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Too cold out today! Get ready for a new week. I hope you are satisfied with the circulation desk area. Have you been clearing and organizing? If you have all of your items ready then you will be ready for anything.
When I go in to work this morning, I have everything ready for my mornings work. I do this at the end of each day- I stamp cards, and check my plan book. Then I pile up the materials I need for each class. I have my objectives written on my flip chart. This afternoon I will write out the three more objectives that I need for tomorrow. Then they are done for the week.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let's get right back into the swing of things at your library. How is your circulation desk? Is everything organized?? Straightened ? Clean? do you know where everything is? If you don't and you have to search for things then that takes time away from productive work.
So look hard today and see if there is something to straighten out / move. Make your desk work for you as if it were a human assistant( even if you have one) Make sure that you are ready every morning with the supplies you need at your circulation desk. Maybe at the end of the day you can stamp date dues( if you use them) , put everything in order. ( a good task to do at the end of the day- especially if you are a morning person. then you should do the more challenging tasks in the morning! Ah- another topic to think about! See you Friday!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Its Wednesday and I have spent my time off doing lots of different things. But I have been going through papers, recipes, and clothes that I just don't need. I have started a bag for the consignment shop of clothes that I am sure I will not wear any more. I even added a few other items from the house that will go in my bag. Here is my motto- if you are not using it- let someone else use it.
Still to cold to get outside so I will organize, read, and bake.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Start of a new week- last week went by in a blur and I didn't post past Monday!!
Any way on my week off, I will be cleaning and organizing around the house. Lots of papers that can be deep sixed- when I looked at them and determine I really do not need them, I just throw then in the paper recycle bin. ( don't fill up your garbage with paper!!).
Hope to get a lot done this week and remove a lot of items that I do not need.