Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The Collaboration Handbook by Toni Buzzeo

Toni Buzzeo has done it! . This slim volume is the definitive book that provides LMS’s with the tools to develop steps to collaboration in our schools. Every LMS to wants to begin to collaborate should read this book. Her book is also geared to administrators to show them how they can work with their LMS and teachers to promote collaboration.
The different levels of collaboration of LMS and teachers are first defined. Each level is described and expanded upon in the beginning chapters of the book. Each chapter outlays the level, and provides many find examples of the level of collaboration from schools across the US. The examples will give you ideas of how you can apply collaboration in your school. This is a work book, and there are places that you can write in your ideas, and places where you can evaluate your own levels of collaboration.
I was wishing the copy I read was my own. There were places I wanted to underline, and I wanted to fill in the action plans, the putting it to work charts, the discussion charts, and the tool charts for librarian s and administrators. This book (and some action on your part)will get you into the role of collaborator with your staff.

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