Monday, April 4, 2011

Your Library website

Your Library Website
What should you have on your website? As 21st century librarians we need to have a web presence so that students can use some of your resources even when they are not in the actual school library.This is called your Virtual Library.

Hopefully your library website will link up to your schools webpage. By now you may have your blog up and running. So what else should you have on your site?

It is very important is your a link to your online card catalog. This way students can be in the classroom or at home and be checking out what books or resources you have available.

Another item you will want to have will be your online databases and perhaps also links to your statewide resources online that are available
for students to use. If you have links from your local region ( in NY we have area BOCES which provide for us several great databases for teachers and students to use) .

Do you have selected sites that students use in the computer lab or library? These are also great to have on your site so that students can easily connect to them. Most of ours are under a PortaPortal which I as the librarian maintain. This is an easy site to update any where you have internet service.
What is portaportal? A Portaportal is a free, server based bookmarking utility. Watch here for a link ! Using this helps students get to recommended sites quickly!

Selected Sites to Use for your Virtual Library!
1. check this out. It will give you a tour and help you get started on your blog.

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