Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Give Away

On my very first giveaway I am giving away Library Lifesavers by the Bacon sisters ( Pamela and Tamora) This easy to read book gives many ideas and suggestions for librarians that are stressed out. Chapters in this great book offer tips on getting organized making a weekly action plan, a mail tacking form for voice, snail, and email. The funniest section is on how to avoid interruptions.
They also discuss energy drains, and what's working, what's not working chart. All in all a great source of ideas for school librarians to get their work lives back in order and to get more done without a feeling of being hit by a train wreck.
A great purchase for any librarian who needs to be more in control of his/her work life and after school life. (Amazon Review)

Okay- here's the deal for the Give Away. Leave a comment here about how you would like to be more organized or also just sign up to follow me on my blog and you will be entered into the October Giveaway.


  1. I would love to be more organized!!! I always start off the year with good intentions, and come November I've fallen off the organization wagon. This year has been particular hard, because of the way my school year has started. We had, in one week, an earthquake during Open House (Tuesday) , my school was struck by lighting twice (Thursday), a tornado in my area (Thursday), and that weekend Hurricane Irene came calling. It was a crazy beginning of the year and I don't feel settled yet.

    Stacey (Library Gals)

  2. I just started a new elem library job and BOY did I inherit a mess! 5 weeks into school and I am still feeling unorganized and overwhelmed. I had to unpack the entire library as it was in boxes and I still have a few boxes left! I could definitely use some help with organization. I'd love to win this book and start feeling a little less stressed! Thanks for the giveaway. :)