Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Extra Snowday! -- School Library Monthly

We are enjoying a"snowday" today. It is cold but sunny here in NE Pa. I am thinking about reading some library articles that I brought home with me. I have a new professional Journal that I love It is School Library Monthly!
Check it out- it has great articles about a variety of topics of course all related to our work as librarians. There are lesson ideas, and columns about books. Also there are information about library professionalism, and great ideas for connecting students and books. I also like the back two pages where they have ideas for bulletin board and great ideas for special days and author birthdays for each month.
Check it out - Look at their website for details on ordering.

School Library Monthly

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  1. I've been following their blog for a little bit now. The more I read on the blog, the more that I think I want to order it.