Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Inventory- on going

      We are continuing on in our inventory process. As of right now , students have the last week to keep reading . All of our books are due on May31st.   So as we get back the books , we are shelving , shifting, and reading the shelves. 
      Many of the shelves have to be shifted because we have a lot of books . During the year, we shift many times to accommodate the collection.  Certain shelves need to be read- those are the shelves that see the most use. Some shelves only need a quick glance to make sure they are okay.
     What is a great help is that since we are an elementary school, we only go to one or two digits behind the decimal for the non-fiction section.( My predecessor did this and It actually works out very well, both in the keeping of the shelves in order and also the shelving and finding of the books.

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