Thursday, August 16, 2012

What we need for our students - Part 3

        There are many tools a student needs to know to continue working in the 21st century. These are helpful when doing research  actually assist in keeping information and ideas in order. Using the computer for research is the way to go. Students think it is pretty neat keeping all of the information on a laptop / computer.  All of the work can be done and not a pencil or paper needs to be used.
      Students need to know the correct forms for citing sources for their collaborative and individual research work. There are many sites that can be used for this task. Noodle Tools  and Easy Bib are two of the easiest to use.
       With Easy Bib there are many great uses and it is really helpful for citing sources and also organizing your research. 
      Check out Easy Bib - There is a free one for MLA forms.. There is also a school and library edition.. Teach your students to use this and they will have another tool to use for their updated education.

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