Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday!- Straighten Your Desk

  Its Friday . ( or it could be any day for that matter)  What does your desk look like?   Is it totally out of control?  Take  15 minutes and straighten it up. 
     First , take a stack of  empty file folders and your favorite  pencil. ( I'll tell you why a pencil in a moment)  Begin with picking up the first pile of materials. If there is anything that is essential to your library or your classes, decide what to do with it.
     If there are several items that belong together, take a file folder and label what it  you are placing in it.  Move these folders to a spot where they can be organized and filed.  Anything you  do not need , throw out or place in recycling.

   Keep going until your desk is cleared. You should end up with file folders to file and  items to recycle.  This afternoon or when you have another 15  minute slot, file the  folders in the proper place in your file cabinet.  
    If you already have a file that is marked for that item, place the items in the file in your cabinet. Then you can erase the tab and use if for something else. Permanent files should be marked with a . Now you have a clean desk and will be able to figure out what to do with the rest of your day.
  My book The Organized Librarian has a chapter on how I organize my files , and how I avoid duplicate files. Watch for the ebook to be coming  out soon!

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