Monday, December 3, 2012

The Information Expert

     In your building there is at least one ( hopefully) information expert.  Yes it's you - the librarian. You have been trained to be an expert in the information field . You are the person who knows where to find information needed and how to find it as quickly as possible. 
     Searching for facts in print and non print resources  is a skill that also needs to be taught to both staff and  patrons /students to assist them in their quest to be 21st century learners and workers.  Students need to know this to become life long learners and  also to keep up with the most current information  .
     To be a good information expert , you will need the best information sources that you can afford .  A library with old outdated resources  is not the way to education today patrons. 
       Keeping up with the best resources is a full time job.  It is best to have several reliable reviewing sources   that are user friendly to help you with your task. My favorites are School Library Journal, Library Sparks,  Library Media Connection, Titlewave , Perma Bound, and Junior Literary Guild.  These are a combination of journals and jobbers but  they can help me keep up to date on the latest  and best books and resources ( print and electronic)

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