Monday, January 28, 2013

Common Core Standards and School Librarians

    Snow Day again today!!   Really it is a snow and ice day as the right now the ice is just sheeting down! good day to stay inside!

     With the Common Core Standards  (CCS) being  adopted in so many states, it is up to the librarians to also embrace them !  Take leader ship in your role in your school and distinct!!  Show what you do in the library is embedded into the CCS .   Librarians provide information,  and also  instruct in the areas of finding information in informational and literary texts. We  teach students how to find what they are looking for and also provide students with increasingly challenging texts and books. The classroom teacher can not do this all on her own.
      As librarians , our job is to study our states CCS . Get to know and understand them.  Inform staff how we can help the teachers and students in  working through the standards. Align  our library curriculum to the standards . Show the teachers what exactly you do to help the students become career and college ready.
Yes , it is a big job but it is one that over time will show to our colleagues that librarians are the core in the  "Common Core"

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