Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wired Wednesday- Technology Tools

     I have  found some great sites that provide book reviews on a regular basis.   Since most of these blogs are librarians , and book lovers ,I have found that they are great ways to stay current with some of the great new books. It is actually more fun to read these reviews because you know that they are having a great time with all their reading.

 This site is maintained by an elementary school librarian and is a great site in general.  She has a list of books that she is reading running along the left hand side.  On each book is a link to her GOODREADS site.  She does a   Monday What are you reading  post which always has some interesting books. She also has some great Freebies you might want to check out.
                      This site is run by tow booklovers who love to read, ( and write reviews).  They give straight review and opinions about books .  Also they provide a monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to.  In the newsletter they give a listing of books they will cover in the month. They have a great rating system for the books they read.
                     Most of the reviews are YA and science fiction . This will be a good source for the YA and teen librarians.

This blog is a collaborative blog written by a group of librarians and other blogging friends. Each Monday they have reviews and comments on books (It’s Monday-What are you Reading?) that they are reading. It is very cool to get comments and insights and enthusiasm from this group and also find some great reads as well.  


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