Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Technology Tools-Wired Wednesday

        This week the site I am writing about  is Edmodo!  What a great site for educators! It is compared to Facebook for teachers ,but even better!
     There are many safety measures to keep students  on their tasks.   Once you register( its Free) then you can add your  students in class groups.

         Edmodo is a site where students and teachers can collaborate when class is over- continue with class discussions, give polls and surveys to check for comprehension and understanding.

         This is site where teachers  can share lessons and ideas  with other colleagues who are doing the same subject area as they are.   Teachers are also connect to be best  quality resources to assist them  and their students.
       There is a planner chart where you  can place plans for the week. A Progress chart is also provided which will be helpful for keeping track of students work.    Edmodo has  a library tab  where you can add links and files of current and past work. This way you can save all your resources in one neat spot.

      I found lots of items my teachers will love( writing prompts, lesson search,  put in assignments, view slide shows  for different subject areas, reward badges for students  and,  tons of ideas for activities)

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