Friday, May 10, 2013

Why should we Collaborate?

       True  Collaboration is a process of shared creation of lessons and activities , where at least two educators share the work of creating lessons that provide students with authentic learning.
There are many way to collaborate: in person, on the phone, by email, or a web based tool that allows several people to share ideas and work together.
     Teachers and librarians can work together to identify and develop what students need to know ( information needs , and what skills ( information skills) they can use to find the information . The students need to be able to use the information and share with their classmates. By doing this, teacher and librarian integrate  ELA, Reading, and Media Literacy skills  into one subject area. Students learn the skills they need when they need them and have a reason to learn them.
      The role of the school librarian has many different aspects . Being a  teacher / instructor is just one  major part  of our roles in the school. We need to become more active in encouraging teachers to use our services in this area.
    Librarians can and should be an essential member of every school education team. There are several levels  and stages of collaboration that we will discuss in further posts.

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