Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wired Wednesday- Tech Tools
 is a site developed for conducting online collaborative  meetings and classes. Teachers and librarians can build an online community to share presentations, files and resources.  It allows you to tack events, share information, and do collaborative projects with both staff and students.
       You can make your " room" private( for a specific members of a class) or public, where anyone can join in to give ideas and discussions.  Private areas requires a password for students and members to log in.
        Once in "Big Marker) originators can share screens  with texts or audio.   You could also turn your web cam on so students can see you. This would be a great way to begin using the technology to create an 'online ' class or discussion area. There is also a whiteboard that you and your students can write  or draw on and can give comments, questions and ideas.
        Originators/ Creators control who can be seen or heard in the audio and video so you will have a way to screen the content that goes   in to your 'room' on Bigmarker.

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