Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Collaboration Level 3- True Collaboration

  On this level of collaboration there is true benefit for all participants( students , teachers,, and librarians),  By this level, relationships have been defined and each member knows what he/she will be doing to further the goals of student education.
  The participants have decided on common goals and specific outcomes,  Teams work together on lessons and units. There is the commitment of the administration that this is way schools should be run. 
 There will be several projects/units each year that the librarian and teacher work on together.  Each year the activity is reviewed and tweaked as far as assignments, projects, assessment and tasks. But the commitment remains to jointly develop and assess the students progress,
  Resources are update and shared by all parties,, areas of use are shared, and teachers and librarians work together in the classroom, library, and computer lab.
  The attitude is one of cooperation, respect, and unity.  This may be one that is continually worked on but in the end the positive attitude will override any obstacles, Communication is key and this is done in similar ways to the beginning stages of collaboration, but with a more personal goal to achieve the desired outcomes,
  Is this attainable? Yes, with a lot of work and the right attitude this is the goal for librarians everywhere. Keep moving towards this model where ever you are now.

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