Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Professional Growth

   It is summertime  . Don't let your mind turn to mush! Yes , I know you are learning new tech tools! ( I hope anyway)  But what else can you learn? 
   This is a great time to attend conferences, take workshops, seminars or courses ( in person or on-line) to enhance you skills as a Media Specialist.  You may also want to think about earning an additional certificate to enhance your library degree. ( think ESL- English as a Second language, GT- gifted and talented, reading specialist, literacy education, or special education. )They add to job security.
   Your new skills and certificates may be needed at the district , enough to keep your position and assist in your new area of expertise.
  Look to your BOCES, nearby colleges, or online courses.  Check with colleagues to see what they are doing and taking over the summer. Sometimes there are group rates.  .Just having a buddy along with you  makes the course or   workshop more enjoyable and more educational. You can bounce ideas and activities off each other and  make connections with both 0f your curriculums.
    Check out some library blogs and see what they are discussing. Join in the conversation and add some comments , ideas, and thoughts. Keep thinking of ways to improve your ideas about your library and your programs.

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