Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Motivaltional reading programs-Primary

   School   motivational reading programs are an important[ortant  part of ns role in te school today.  Motivational programs for the youngest readers and listeners can be run (PK-2) should be run for a short time span- amonth  to month iand a half would be the most .

    Specify that the student scan read or be read to. Give them ( students and parents)  an easy way to keep track  of books read. Have them write titles and fill in a 'reading ' sheet/ Have parents / older sibling/ guardian/ teacher sign or initial each title or spot. ( This keeps parents more involved and know what the child is doing.,
  Think of an easy way to recognize and celebrate your yonng readers. try to include as many students as you can.

  1.  Beary Fun Reading: Students read and keep track of books . Have a large Bear Paw Print with a spot for students  and parents signature. Students can write in title in each 'pad' of the bears  paw. Then they can color and you can display them around the library.  At the end of the celebration have a parade with students carrying their favorite stuffed bear or animals.  Have hot cocoa and cookies or ice cream and cookies for all who did at least  two or four bear paws.

2. Caldecott Challenge : for students for grades 2 and 3.  Students have about a month and a half to read/ listen to as many Caldecott's as they wish.  They write the titles of the Caldecott's and rate  them with a happy or sad face ( or stars).  If everyone in the class reads at least 12 , then the class gets a popcorn party. Top readers in each class get a decorated bag with small prizes ( books , pencils, stickers, bookmarks and erasers) If you are feeling rich, provide bigger prizes- books, gift certificates,  a cd player .

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