Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Circulation Desk - Organization & Supplies

     How is your circulation desk? Does it look like its been hit by a tornado?  Do you have trouble finding things? 

     If so take a few moments each day  to becoming more organized at the circulation desk.  As librarians we probably spend a lot of time at the circ desk so  it makes sense to have it orderly and organized, It will be helpful to know where everything is . Also  it is nice is having all the circ supplies at that location instead of having to run to a storage room to get something you need to use immediately. If you have a drawer that you can use, place your normal supplies in there so you do not have to go some place when you run out,
     The first step of action is to  determine what you actually need at the circulation desk.   You will need the most obvious desk items: paper, pencils, and pencils. Do you need data due slips?  What kinds of records do you need to keep?  What reports are necessary each day?

    Keeping items organized is a great way to keep your desk in order. So grab some file organizers if you have to keep papers at the circ desk.  Have a can for pens, and pencils. If you use lots of paper clips or rubber bands get a container for each type.

     At your desk supply list: pens, pencils, paper, scrap paper, report forms, manila folders, paper clips, rubber bands, post it notes.  Include anything else you need on a daily basis!

   Check out the top tab- The Organized Librarian-  for more organizing at your library!

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