Thursday, September 26, 2013

Interesting Writing Sites for Students

More sites to try
   Use to motivate students to write and make books!  Students will have fun with this one and be glad to get into writing. They show 7 simple steps to help the story progress. There is a tutorial  and a short video to help you get started.

 Students can use storyjumper’s art or they can create their own.  They do offer hardbound books printed for 24.99.

  There is a classroom edition made just for schools. Students can read some examples of other student works. 



On Scribblitt there are many assists to help students be motivated to write. This site is for older students with a more modern look.  This site has a lot to offer for student- make an avatar, illustrate your book, word games, and fund raisers for schools. Under several tabs you  can find a place for messages, contests' story starters,  and writing competitions. There is also a verh short video on some of the items on Scribblitt.

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