Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shifting Shelves! Moving Books!

   What  is your technique for shifting ( moving ) books on shelves?  We were helping yesterday at the Public library . I have shifted shelves many times in my many years of librarianship  and each time I try to think of how to do it more efficiently.

     One of the most obvious things to look at and consider is height of books. If they are all consistent then it is not a problem. If you will have the room, you might want to adjust the shelves and put more of the books all upright and not turned down.  ( This is much better for the  books of course)

  When you get into the mode of moving and adjusting shelves, get a cup for shelf brackets , a couple of towels  to wipe the shelves and backs of shelves and maybe even a tape measure or ruler.( This saves a lot of time when you have to get the brackets even for the shelves.

   If you do not have to adjust the shelves then the job will go a lot quicker. It is easier to work backwards, ( for me anyway) then you can move each shelf either over or down.  While you are shifting, check the books, dust them off if need be , and also  look for books that need repair or could possibly be deleted,
   When you are doing this process it may remind you of inventory . It is also a great way to get to know  your  collection : see what you have, see what you want to check the circulation stats on.

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