Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Promotion of Public Libraries

   How can public libraries become more than just recreation reading and viewing?  The key answer  is education.
  Education is at the core of the 21st century.   As we closely align pubic libraries with education , we can  bring  many benefits to our users and the libraries.
  As libraries , whether school or public we need to improve services, enhance out image and be supportive to students and patrons.
  We  need to be aware  of members of society and provide means for children and adults to succeed personally and financially. We need to become essential to all.
   The way to become essential to all is tor provide education support  that cannot be cut.   One step is to  provide directed education( books, materials, DVD's, electronic journals_ anything people can use on their own.
  The second part is providing assistance and instruction. This can be done individual or in small groups. Courses will be for all ages.  Think story hour, summer reading, classes in on line resources.
  The third part is having instructive and enlightening experience . Thank author visits, book discussions, poetry slams, craft days, and workshops for adults./( bread making, writers groups, knitting groups, chess / game days).
   Libraries should be educational and bring people of all ages in the community together.

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