Thursday, October 10, 2013

What should libraries look like today?

    Visualize your up to date library. What should it look like?   You are probably part way there already.   There should be a lot of activity  virtually .  Most , but not all, library activity is online with resources and activities on websites and databases.   In schools and public library, there is a lot of focus on extending physical offerings to being online.

   So here is what I am thinking-  you see patrons and students using the computers or lap tops or Ipads to search the web , use databases, read eBooks, work together on projects,  use the library website to search for books use social media to connect with other, look at online lessons and tutorials.

  Of course you know that I have been blogging about so many websites, blog, and web 2.0 tools  that you can show students , and encourage them also  use all the library has to offer.

  As a librarian , it is your job to make sure the student and patron have the resources that they need and want to use.  Fight for the students and the patrons so they can have the most  up to date

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