Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why we need Librarians and Libraries

    Libraries( school, academic, and public) are a place for education, self help, ad pleasure. Libraries bring access to all, depending on who they serve.
     Americans check out almost 2 Billion items every year. What do they check out? We  go to libraries to get books,  to borrow DVD's, and other items ( Kindles, nooks, laptops). We also go to the library to learn new computer and technology skills , and to learn more about job skills and job searches.

   The librarian at whatever library  you choose can guide  you to find the one answer you need. With a web search, you may find many answers  with more time invested. As time goes one, more services will in in greater demand at all libraries.

     Libraries are the solution in this poor economy. Free access to books and materials, online resources for individuals, resources for businesses and encouraging life long learning are part of the libraries goals and mission. As more and more Americans look for jobs, libraries are helping to level the playing fields for many job seekers.
    Public libraries support job seeker with databases and classes. School libraries  support students with information and Web 2.0 skills. Whenever the the economy is poor, Library  use is up.

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