Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Public Libraries -Heart of the Community

     Public libraries serve the community by bringing people and information together. As so many people in the US are facing job loss, the public library is becoming the place to seek assistance and obtain new skills .  Most of the our public libraries are also now technology hubs. Many patrons still rely on the public libraries for their internet still service.

    Many times the public library is a source of information in helping people with serious needs, loss of housing or public assistance. Library's can be a contact point to community agencies for people in need.

  Public libraries are equalizers. They are a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can freely use a variety of resources and receive guidance of librarians who are information specialists.

    When the economy is down, as it is presently, public library use is increased.  Patrons use the library to gain information, borrow movie and music cd's and dvd's , borrow rather than purchase books, learn new technology skills, and  participate in free programs.   What impact the public library has is always dependent on funding. Librarians with adequate funds can provide more resources for patrons in need.,

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