Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Readers Advisory at the Public Library

     Readers Advisory  services can be a great way to get to know patrons and their reading preferences,  Readers Advisory helps us connect to individuals and groups as readers.
    Asking for book suggestions and giving book suggestions is a core task of a librarians daily activities. Many patrons  however do not know they can ask for suggestions for something 'good to read.'
     There are patrons who ask 'What's a good book to read?" .When they do they may get a variety of answers depending whom they ask.
     It is helpful to find  out what kinds of books the patron likes and then lead them to some comparable and  similar authors and series.  This can be done informally by conversation. Some libraries also provide simple surveys to see what patrons like and then work with the survey and patrons to complete the  process.
    Other ways to provide Readers Advisory is though books displays, discussion groups, read alike lists, and posters.   Now we can also include blogs, or pod casts( as part of the library website) and social networking sites. ( twitter, Facebook)
     Readers Advisory is how the library connects to patrons. So if you plan on doing Readers Advisory formally , think about how you will go about it and what kind of form you will use.    I will have other blogs in the weeks to come as I learn more about it and try to figure  out how I will go a bout doing it  ..Will I form a formal program or just informal.  All of these questions I will think about and decide on as I continue learning more about it.

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