Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Booklist online- advisory source and book reviews!

  Another great resource for both readers advisories and book reviews is Booklist online. Yes it is one and the same - from the journal Booklist!   And it is from the experts - ALA! So this site and the  journal itself is a great source for  both public and school librarians looking for  reputable reviews.

   BookListonline is a free website that offers a great selection of the Booklist content.  Plus there are many reviews of recommended reviews. Also included are some of the features written for Booklist online. If you are a subscriber to Booklist- you can obtain even more content.  But even if you are not a subscriber there are many features that are available for you to use. There are many columns, departments, and features available.

     Some things to check out on this site :  Review of the day, links to booklists from certain publishers with certain genres, links to Booklist latest articles( Latest- Editors Choices for 2013), links to blogs  from Booklsit staff and reviewers( Booklist Buzz, & Shelf Renewal ), links to current newsletters,  and links to sign up for Free Webinars!

   So check out  www.booklistonline.com/  to find out some  great content and reviews!

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