Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another List! Accomplishment List!

    Here is another trick I use that gives me a great sense of accomplishment during the day and week.
I keep an "Accomplishment List"  This helps me keep track of what I have actually done each day, even if it was not on my to do list.
   At the end of each day ( or during the day) I reflect on what I did get done and what I actually did.  Did I make important phone calls, did I assist a patron? Did I work on a project that was not on my list?   Did I complete a job necessary to the management of the library?

   I write this down in my planning book what I actually did- especially if it was not on my list to cross off.

   At the end of the month, I would look back on the list and the major activities. Then if the library board, or the Director needs to know what I've been doing or what I have accomplished, I can look back and give the needed information.

  This also shows me what tasks and jobs I dedicated my time  and energy to. I can also determine, if I need to focus on specific areas and activities. I can also use this list when I am evaluated  so I can discuss what projects and tasks.

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