Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Promote with new technologies

 Use the newest technology to promote your library. We have already discussed blogs, podcasts, and other printed promotions  But what about  the really new stuff?? How about twitter,  wikis, you-tube,  Facebook, texting,  and   Apps?

  The teens and young 20's know all this stuff and if you want to reach them, then try to get some of these Social Media and let them help you get the attention  of the younger generation.   At our library we have just hired two young  people on our staff for children's and adult programming. I am hoping they can show / teach us which of these are the most powerful to attract teens and 20- 30 somethings into using the library and all its resources.

  What are you doing in your library to attract the younger set?  Can you share with us what you do to get the teens and young adults into the library??

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