Thursday, August 7, 2014

Every Thing Library

    EveryThing Library is a website devoted to helping libraries get funding for their community libraries who are in need of funding in order to stay afloat, current , and full of resources.  Everything Library believes that campaigning  and talking to votes about their needs will increase  the libraries  power, services, and help with library initiatives.

   They will and have provided funds to help  sustain major libraries  from having services impacted by budget cuts.( restoring personal and programs)

   This is actually an organization that is dedicated to build voter support. They help libraries to get voters to come on Election day . Training is provided  on various topics: consulting services, conduct feasibility studies, develop fund raising strategies ad train volunteer  in" get out to vote" techniques.

  So even if your library in not is a budget crisis, check out Everything Library - some helpful tips and blog articles await you!

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