Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Book Search Favorites- Book giveaway

  One of  my favorite places to get quick and easy book ideas is Amazon. What is not to like? I can click on a title and get so much information on the latest titles!
  I get a summary, lists of critical review, and customer ratings. This is very helpful  just to read and see what the best sellers are. While I do not purchase from Amazon for work, I do for home if I absolutely have to have a title . I find the information to be quick and accurate.  

  Another favorite is Bas Blue.  This little catalog has great reviews of titles  that are short and sweet and to the point. I can read the review here and then go to track down more information on Amazon or  my book jobber site.

  One more I want to mention today is  China berry ( I love Chinaberry)  The website is great also  When ever I get this catalog ,, I sit right down and look at the whole thing and read reviews.  They provide both new and classic books  that they and their customers love. They support positive and uplifting books for children,  They also have a blog  that has articles and craft projects.

  Tell me  what your favorites are and  you will be entered into a drawing for a FREE Link to my "The Organized Librarian"  e book!

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  1. Don't forget to leave me a comment about your favorite sources for book reviews to be entered into the giveaway for a free ebook- The Organized Librarian!