Thursday, June 4, 2015

Book Review- Divergent

  Divergent by V . Roth ( Katherine Tegen Books, 2013)

      Beatrice has a choice, actually many choices  of factions  to belong to after her schooling. She chooses one faction she knows will be exciting and challenging, but she does it on a whim and she is not sure why she has chosen it. But did she  make the wrong choice?

     Tris ( as she decides is her new name) has new friends. There are some in her group who are not sure and aware of her ca[abilities. Tris learns a lot and builds up her body as a member of the Dauntless group.

  As a final acceptance into the group, Tris learns the truth about the factions and her leaders. She must help her old factions and the others to  avoid being controlled by a few.  This YA book is intense Science Fiction story.( Similar to the Hunger Games) Now I want to read the second novel   to see what happens next.
  If you liked the Hunger Games  , this intense novel is for you.  Roth is an exceptional author bring characters and events to life.

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